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Now better information managers

65 school heads bag MIS training

Sixty-five heads and registrars from ARMM higher education institutions (HEIs) actively participated in a Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) training on June 29-30, 2012 at Tower Inn, Elpidio Quirino Avenue, Davao City.

The training aimed at ensuring that HEI presidents appreciate the importance of a HEMIS at the level of their own HEIs and support it. It also aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of registrars on gathering, submitting and processing HEMIS data which is annually required for submission to the CHED-ARMM Regional Office.

With the training it is hoped that the participants have become better school managers and planners, as HEMIS can be a tool for institutional planning and decision making. With HEMIS, these questions may be addressed: What courses do we open? What courses need support for development? What courses should get decreased resource allocation and may even be considered for voluntary phaseout/closure?

Among the data gathered in the HEMIS using electronic forms are institutional profile, curricular program profile, enrolment, graduates, and faculty.

Lecture topics included: What is MIS?; MIS, CHED and the HEI; Data Collection and CHED e-Forms; Electronic Verification System (EVCS); and CHED-Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Two-Way Link.

Workshops were also conducted on The HEI Going Online; CHED e-Forms Updating; and HEMIS Commitments.

Annual HEMIS trainings are usually attended only by registrars and their encoders. With the inclusion of the heads in this year’s training, e-form submission is expected to increase.

On a separate matter, the EVCS is the CHED Central Office’s plan for a national electronic system of registrars’ submission of enrolment and grade reports. This means issuance of special orders (SOs) to candidates of graduation and Certification, Authentication, Verification (CAV) can now be done electronically all throughout the country. Graduates of ARMM based in Manila, for example, can now get their CAV from the nearest CHED regional office. They don’t need to go to the CHED-ARMM Regional Office in Cotabato City.

Finally, with the CHED-PRC Two-Way Link, graduates need not go to PRC but instead they can now apply for board examination with their respective schools. CHED Central Office is now working for the data requirements of the link.